The Boland Lab works with a variety of collaborators to study patient-derived samples and expand upon our understanding of melanoma and its response to therapies.

Hacohen Lab

The Hacohen lab consists of immunologists, geneticists, biochemists, technologists and computational biologists working together to develop new and unbiased strategies to understand basic immune processes and immune-mediated diseases, with an emphasis on the innate immune system.


Sorger Lab

The Harvard Medical School (HMS) Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology is a NIGMS Center for Systems Biology multi-disciplinary effort within HiTS to reinvent the fundamental science underlying the development of new medicines and their use in individual patients.


David Liu, MD

Being able to predict which patients will respond to targeted and immune therapies is critically important to personalize therapy and improve patient outcomes. Dr. Liu proposes to address this issue by analyzing large cohorts of melanoma patients treated with targeted and immunotherapy with deep genetic sequencing and molecular characterization of their tumors, developing algorithms to identify molecular features that predict differential response or resistance to therapy. 


Kellis Lab

A computer science and computational team focused on novel analytical approaches to scientific questions, now applying these to cancer data sets.


Herlyn Lab

A translational research laboratory studying melanoma and the tumor microenvironment via  mouse models of cancer.


Fisher Lab

A leading laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital studying the basic biology and melanoma and other skin pathology.