Laboratory Alumni 

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Gyulnara Kasumova, M.D

Gyulnara Kasumova, MD is a general surgery resident at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. She has experience with clinical data analysis and outcomes work. During her time with the Boland lab, she was focused on correlative analysis of molecular data in melanoma patients treated with immunotherapy. She oversaw data collection/capture, clinical data analysis, and use for correlative studies. She was also focused on parallel analysis of multiple blood-based elements such as cell-free DNA, circulating exosomes, and serum plasma proteomics.


Xue Bai, MD

Xue (Catherine) Bai obtained an MD from Peking University in 2015 and has worked in Peking University Cancer Hospital as a medical oncologist since then. She joined the lab in 2017, where her work focused on developing a predictive biomarker panel of MAPK pathway inhibitors in BRAF-mutant melanoma patients in the hope of identifying new intervention targets.

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Amelie Franken

Amelie Franken is a graduate student working towards her Master’s in Biomedical Sciences from The Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. She is interested in molecular cancer biology, immunology, and stem cell biology. Her research with the Boland lab focused on targeted therapy and immunotherapy resistance in advanced melanoma. Specifically, she examined the role of neural crest stem cells in minimal residual disease by multiplex IF staining. In the fall of 2019, she will start her PhD in the lab of Dr. Jean-Christophe Marine.


Anise Applebaum

Anise worked as a research technician with the Boland lab from June 2018- May 2019. She processesed and collected blood and tissue samples from melanoma and gastrointestinal cancer patients. She graduated from Tufts University in 2018 with Bachelor’s degree in Biology. She is currently attending USC Keck School of Medicine.


Tommy Kim

Tommy played an integral role in collection and processing of patient blood and tissue samples from July 2018-June 2019. In addition, Tommy oversaw the construction and management of a research and clinical database. He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and is currently a student at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.