Tumor Sequencing


Bulk Tumor Sequencing

Bulk tumor DNA and RNA sequencing is done on a variety of patient-derived tumor samples to understand the basic biology of each specific cancer type and analyze mechanisms of response and resistance to treatment. 

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Single Cell RNA-seq

Our group also utilizes techniques to analyze the RNA expression in individual cells to characterize the cellular populations and cell states at clinically relevant time points.

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Epigenetic Profiling

Genomic and transcriptomic studies have added immense value to the landscape of cancer biology, but it is clear that epigenetic modifications and epigenetic changes correlate with dynamic changes in tumoral behavior.

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Tumor Imaging

While multi-omic approaches to cancer tumor analysis have yielded insights into mechanisms of tumorigenesis, metastasis, and drug response, parallel tumor imaging yields histologic and geographic information about multiple cell types in the tumor and microenvironment. 

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In Vitro Characterization

Experimental validation in our wet lab allows us to interrogate and modulate candidate pathways to establish their function role in disease.

Ex Vivo Studies

There are clear limitations to in vitro studies, particularly in the setting of immunotherapy. We are working with various groups to establish tools for tumoral analysis ex vivo.

Patient-Derived Xenografts

We have a long collaborative relationship with the Herlyn Lab at the Wistar Institute, creating patient-derived xenografts.